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It is the mission of the Bent County Development Foundation to increase the general economic development and improve the quality of life for existing and future residents of Bent County.

We focus on supporting existing businesses, bringing in new business, and strengthening the economic infrastructure of the community so that every business can thrive.

Retention - Expansion - Development

We also partner with the following:

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

Southeast Business Retention, Expansion, and Attraction (SEBREA)

Southeast Colorado Enterprise Development (SECED)

Southern Colorado Economic Development District (SCEDD)

Executive Director

Profile picture of Sammie George- Executive Director of the Bent County Development Foundation.

Sammie George

BBA- Colorado Mesa University


Business Owner- Good Day Disc Golf


“I am honored to be a part of the Bent County Development Foundation. I grew up in rural Colorado, and I understand the importance of growth and development in our small communities; which hinge on the foundation of our proud histories, and those who have come before us. Moving forward, we all have the opportunity to explore new ventures and avenues of economic growth and development; and I am excited to be an integral part of that movement.”

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Board of Directors



Bryan Simmons- First National Bank

Vice Chairman:

Kim MacDonnell- Bent County Commissioner


Victoria Valdez- Valley-Wide Health Systems

Board Members:

Chuck Netherton- Bent County Commissioner

Sonny Smith- City Council Member

David Armstrong- City Council Member

Nancy Gerlock- Chamber of Commerce

Dale Leighty- First National Bank

Bill Long- LA Fast Food, Inc.

Kep Proctor- Mountain Prairie/Hormel

Elsie Goines- Las Animas School District

Sam Vigil- Vigil Law Office, LLC

Adam Nevland- First Insurance Services

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