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Our Mission


It is the mission of the Bent County Development Foundation to increase the general economic development and improve the quality of life for existing and future residents of Bent County.

We focus on supporting existing businesses, bringing in new business, and strengthening the economic infrastructure of the community so that every business can thrive.

Retention - Expansion - Development

We also partner with the following:

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

Southeast Business Retention, Expansion, and Attraction (SEBREA)

Southeast Colorado Enterprise Development (SECED)

Executive Director

Profile picture of Sammie George- Executive Director of the Bent County Development Foundation.

Sammie George

BBA- Colorado Mesa University


Business Owner- Good Day Disc Golf


“I am honored to be a part of the Bent County Development Foundation. I grew up in rural Colorado, and I understand the importance of growth and development in our small communities; which hinge on the foundation of our proud histories, and those who have come before us. Moving forward, we all have the opportunity to explore new ventures and avenues of economic growth and development; and I am excited to be an integral part of that movement.”

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Board of Directors



Bryan Simmons- First National Bank

Vice Chairman:

Kim MacDonnell- Bent County Commissioner


Victoria Valdez- Valley-Wide Health Systems

Board Members:

Chuck Netherton- Bent County Commissioner

Sonny Smith- City Council Member

David Armstrong- City Council Member

Nancy Gerlock- Chamber of Commerce

Dale Leighty- First National Bank

Bill Long- LA Fast Food, Inc.

Kep Proctor- Mountain Prairie/Hormel

Elsie Goines- Las Animas School District

Sam Vigil- Vigil Law Office, LLC

Adam Nevland- First Insurance Services


Job Creation

Our goal is to create quality jobs that will support and sustain the community.  We are always looking for opportunities to bring new business and activities to Bent County.  We offer numerous resources for start-ups as well as for businesses looking to expand in our area.


Job Retention

Job retention and business assistance go hand-in-hand.  We are here to support local businesses in their efforts to not only survive, but to THRIVE.  Through community support activities, employee trainings, workshops, and more- we are here to help!


Quality of Life

Safety, education quality and opportunity, poverty reduction, environmental quality, and cultural and recreational amenities all feed into our quality of life.  Good quality of life makes living, working, and conducting business in a community worthwhile.  We are here to advocate for the businesses and the residents of Bent County.

Services Offered



 Do you have a great business idea, but no idea how to get started?  Set up a time to talk to our Director, and you will be led through the process of starting your own business.  We also serve as a resource/liaison for potential NEW businesses to expand or relocate into our community. 

Workforce Development

 Do you have a great business idea, but no idea how to get started?  Set up a time to talk to our Director, and you will be led through the process of starting your own business.  We also serve as a resource/liason for potential NEW businesses to expand or relocate into our community. 

Interships & Youth Engagement

The BCDF and Santa Fe Trail BOCES are coordinating opportunities for local businesses and community leaders to connect with local students through job shadow opportunities, unpaid semester student internships, or real world problem scenario experiences.  Contact Sammie at the Bent County Development Foundation


Jennifer Nesselhuf

(719)383-2623 ext.225


Community Project Development

 We are here to help find funding to promote Arts & Culture, Education, Children/Youth Services, Community Improvement, Economic Development, Health & Wellness, Housing, Philanthropy, Sports & Recreation, Technology, and more. 

Social Media Marketing

 Providing accurate information online is crucial in this day-and-age.  The BCDF can aid in website development and social media marketing for your business.  These efforts will contribute to continued success of your business. 

Regional Economic Support for SE Colorado

 We partner with organizations throughout the region, as well as with state and federal agencies and organizations to retain, support, and promote the well-being and economic health of Bent County and our neighbors.

Partnerships include:

Southeast Colorado Enterprise Development (SECED)

Southeast Colorado Business Retention Expansion Attraction (SEBREA)

Southern Colorado Economic Development District (SCEDD)

Department of Local Affairs (DOLA)

Total Concept (formerly Tri-County Housing)

Regional Coordinating Council (RCC)


 Entrepreneurship is vital to growing communities.  Out of every 1000 people across the nation, 3 will become entrepreneurs every month- it's up to the remaining 997 to show support for those businesses- to help them thrive, and to help our communities prosper. 


 Agriculture is vital to Bent County.  There is a growing shortage of young farmers getting started in agriculture, and there's a never ending demand for food... what will be done to make up the difference in that dilemma? 

The Arkansas River

The impact that water has on Bent County is immeasurable.  From farming/ranching to recreational activities and fishing- water is the life-blood of our county.

Contact Us

Our goal is to connect with the community and provide support to Bent County businesses and residents.  Please let us know how we can support you.

Bent County Development Foundation

332 Amb Thompson Boulevard, Las Animas, Colorado 81054, United States



The office may be closed during normal business hours, as Sammie often works off-site.  Please call ahead to make sure she is in.

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