Action 22, Inc.

Action 22, Inc.
The Voice of Southern Colorado
P.O. Box 697
503 N Main St., Ste. 310
Pueblo, CO 81003

Phone: 719-560-9897
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Action 22 is a volunteer-driven membership organization of individuals, cities, communities, counties, associations, businessesAction-22-county-map and organizations in a 22-county region, banding together for a stronger voice on statewide discussion tables, the State Legislature and in Washington, D.C. Action 22’s mission is to give voice to Southern Colorado and serve as a leader for cohesive action to affect change and shape the future of Southern Colorado.

Action 22 builds coalitions in support of its efforts and works to shape policies for the future of Southern Colorado. The organization represents a 36,530 sq. mile area (35% of the state) consisting of 850,000 citizens, 19.5% of the state’s population ranging from the San Luis Valley to the Kansas state line. The most effective means of affecting legislation is by grassroots advocacy efforts by our members.

The organization is run by a Board of Directors that includes up to three delegates from each of the 22 counties and each county area has an equal voice. Members residing within county boundaries elect its own delegates to the Board. The Board elects the Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. The county area board delegates from each of the regions elect Regional Vice Chairs.

The key to the success of Action 22 is the involvement of its members. Networking and pooling members’ talents and skills builds a strong organization. It is through the committee structure that research, study and debate of issues occur. Committees then make policy and position recommendations to the Board of Directors.